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Today we celebrated Mother’s Day with some of our mummies.

mothersdayWe made our mummies some menus so that they knew what they were having; we had sandwiches, carrot and cucumber sticks, strawberries and cupcakes.

They were yummy. At the end of the tea we sang our Barney Song to our mummies. We love you mummies! 🙂


Pirates and Princess Day- Friday 28th March 2014


Today some of the children dressed up as pirates and princesses for our charity day. Look at how well they did! Well done everybody!!


Easter Party Tea- Tuesday 22nd April 2014

Today we had a special visitor -the Easter Bunny! She came down to the Nursery to see the children and their Easter Bonnets. We had three special winners Michelle, Lola and Kai. They won a yummy Easter egg.


Once the Easter Bunny gave out her prizes, she told the children that she had hidden some smaller Easter eggs around the nursery for them to find. The children found them all and got to take them home at the end of the day. Well done everyone!!


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