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To all staff at Barney Bears,

I wanted to thank you for the past 3 years for all your support. The transition to moving Maryam from staying at home to coming to nursery fulltime was daunting first however, the reassurance and the care from Barney bears staff has eased my mind. Maryam loves nursery and there has been a huge confidence change in her over the years. We have had the pleasure of meeting some fantastic staff and parents over the years. It is so sad to see this all coming to an end. End of an era however, a new beginning for Maryam.

Thank you all again.
Zakiya, Faisal & Mayam XBarking August 2016 – Zakiya, parent of Maryam aged 4 years

To all staff @ Barney Bears,

Henry is very grateful for all the love, care and support you have given him whilst in this nursery. We his family appreciate you guys so much, you contributed in nurturing him into a responsible, disciplined and hardworking boy he is today. We say a big thank you to all of you and more grease to your elbow. Keep it up.

Love, Henry & Family XxxBarking August 2016 – Lillian, parent of Henry aged 4 years

To Barney Bears Family,

David wants to say a big thank you to everyone, it was a pleasure to be at the nursery for one year. I have learnt so many nice things, even my first words in English. Thank you all so much!

DavidBarking August 2016 – Ancuta, parent of David aged 4 years

To everyone at Barney Bears (Barking), 

Gerome says a big thank you for the love and care you have given him all these years. Gerome came in the nursery as a baby and today he is leaving to big school, he can read and write his name. He can express himself very well and say thank you. Gerome will always miss you all. As parents we also thank you that we leave our son in your care about 10 hours and we always come to collect him safely. Thank you so so much. We will forever remember Barney Bears and all the fun outings we had.

Love, Gerome & FamilyBarking August 2016 – Efua, parent of Gerome aged 4 years

To everyone at Barney Bears,

Just want to say a huge, huge thanks to each and every one of you for all your help and support with my little angel, Mariya. She has learnt and developed in many ways, she will greatly miss coming here, we will be sure to visit. Wish you all well and the best for the future. Thank you

NuryaBarking July 2015 – Nurya, parent of Mariya aged 4 years

To everyone at Barney Bears,

Just want to say a very big, massive thank you to you all on my behalf, on behalf of Nihaal and the whole family! I am so grateful as to how you have welcomed Nihaal and he has thoroughly enjoyed his experience here. He has learnt so much and so grateful to all the staff who have been kind, patient and very professional. Thank you again and wish you all the best

Love KiranBarking July 2015 – Kiran, parent of Nihaal aged 3 years

To all the staff at Barney Bears,

A huge thank you to you all for taking care of our little man Jayden. Your support, guidance and love are very much appreciated. He joint main room at 1 years of age and the nursery has helped him grow up to be the happy, confident and funny little boy he is today. Once again a big thank you and we will now be bringing his little brother Dylan to join the nursery.

From Lema & BinuBarking August 2015 – Lema, parent of Jayden aged 4 years

Barney Bears Nursery has been my childcare provider for the last 8 years. It is a wonderful nursery and my children have really enjoyed their stay. I do appreciate all the support they have provided to us and we will miss all the lovely staff at the nursery.

Ruth (Manuel & Charis’ Mum)Barking August 2015 – Ruth, parent of Charis aged 4 years

To everyone at Barney Bears,

Tegan has been with you since she was 9 months old, it is so hard to put into words what it has meant for us to know how well looked after and cared for she has been. You have all taught her so much and she has made wonderful memories, we will be eternally grateful for the fantastic start Tegan has had to her learning journey and for the love and guidance you have shown her. Special thanks to Tegan’s key-person and the rest of the staff team who have been there since day one.

Lots of Love

Joel & Rhiannon (Tegan’s Mum & Dad) XxxxBarking June 2015 – Rhiannon, parent of Tegan aged 4 years

To all the gorgeous gals at Barney Bears, I can not thank you enough for taking great care of our precious (little) big boy Malachi.

I remember the day I found Barney Bears, I cried as I was so pleased to have found a place I had complte confidence in. Thank you SO much… Malachi is such a good and generally well behaved boy. Thank you for allowing me to be the kind of mum I aspire to be! I really didn’t think it would be this hard to say goodbye! So lets see it as a ‘see you later’ instead!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you all again!! Our Family would not be the same without y’all! Lots of Love Kieran & Deborah. (Malachi & Kayla’s Papa & Mama) xxxWest Ham 27th August 2015 – Deborah, Parent of Malachi aged 4 years

I don’t know where to start!! Thank you just doesn’t seem enough to all of you.

All your hard work, support and passion will not go forgotten  I will continue to recommend the nursery to anyone who will listen and ask!! You’ve been a huge support system to us over 2½ years, we won’t forget it!

Love from the Palmers!West Ham 4th September 2015 – Kelly, Parent of Lucy aged 4 years

I would firstly like to say a big thank you for all the hard work and dedication each member of staff shows to all of the children, but especially my Kymani.

You all have the patience of saints…Kymani has been at Barney Bears from the age of 2 years and has been shaped into a bright 4 year old. You have allowed him to grow at his own pace and let him remain the loveable character.

I would again like to say THANK YOU! Nadina (Kymani’s Mum)West Ham 25th August 2015 – Nadina, Parent of Kymani aged 4 years

To all at Barney Bears. 

Thank you for your support in the development of Eshan and Raghav talents. We wish you all the very best for the future.

Regards Ram Ananth familyChigwell 4th September 2015 – Family of Eshan and Raghav aged 4 years

Thank you for taking such good care of Dilmi over the last two years. She has had a wonderful time with some great experiences.

Dilmi has particularly enjoyed the singing sessions and outings. Dilmi will miss all of you! Many thanks again for everything! 

From Shyamalie and HiranChigwell 5th August 2015 – Parents of Dilmi aged 4 years

Dear Barney Bears Nursery. 

Big THANK YOU for all of the caring and support you gave to Sarah on her journey. Thank you for all the memories that Sarah achieved at your nursery.

Lots of hugs, Sarah and familyChigwell 17th July 2015 – Parent of Sarah aged 4 years

To all staff members,

Thank you so much for all your hard work. Big Thank you to Heena & Alex for being Zain’s Keyworker and supporting him throughout the year. We will miss you.

Lots of love from Nafisa & Asif xxxIlford July 2016 – Parents of Zain

To all staff at Barney Bears Nursery,

Thankyou from the bottom of our hearts for all the love and support that you have shown Harry during his 4 years at nursery. You have all helped him get the best start possible to go on and begin his new journey at school. He loves you all and will miss you very much.

Love from Katharine & Ross
Ilford July 2016 – Parents of Harry
Dear Barney Staff, Thank you for looking after me while I was in the nursery. I enjoyed being in this nursery and will miss you all dearly. Lots of love, Diamond!Ilford July 2016
Thank you for looking after Jose William Jimenez. We will miss you… Your all lovely. We will remember you all.  Ilford July 2016
I miss every moment and every day. Abdul Q Abdul M have learnt so many new things during their time at the nursery. I love all barney bears staff; they are all very mannered. We love barney bears. Ilford July 2016