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Queens Jubilee Celebration

It was the most AMAZING turn out, especially for our mini street party.

Some parents stayed for the whole hour, and some parents volunteered to help out too! 

We received such lovely feedback!

Some of the parents were saying due to their children doing sessions or the hours that they attend, they would miss out on events but today we were able to get all children involved, which they said they truly appreciated. 
Father John and the other nursery/ preschool next door staff came over to visit and joined us too. We have started planning a few things together for both nurseries’ parents.
Johanne cooked the children the most delicious Pie and Mash for lunch, and then we had an afternoon tea theme tea party. There were no empty plates. 🙂
Many activities were set up throughout the day, from exploring the Union Jack colours to learning about the Queen and the Royal Family. 

It was a beautiful and proud day of celebrations.

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